'A Harry Colt Masterpiece'

10 Reasons to Join Grimsby Golf Club

Why You Should Join!

1. Great course.

Grimsby Golf Club is a highly rated course and is one of the premier golf venues in North Lincolnshire. So when you join Grimsby you can wear your club sweater with pride knowing that you play on a truly fantastic golf course, and you get the benefits of playing this fantastic course every time you turn up.

2. Value for money.

For the privilege of playing this brilliant course designed by one of the most famous golf courses designers in the world, Harry Shapland Colt, we charge an annual subscription of £798 ! There is no joining fee and you can join Grimsby and play our wonderful course for less than £15.50 per week. Unbelievable value.

3. All year round golf.

Grimsby is without question one of the best golf courses in Lincolnshire during the summer months and following a number of projects to improve drainage including specialised work to four of our greens in the winter of 2014/2015 at a cost of £20k, our course is rarely closed during the winter months. During the winter of 2016/2017 our golf course was only closed on one occasion due to adverse weather.

4. Regular Competitions.

As well as being able to play social golf at Grimsby we have plenty of competitions to enter. Both weekend and midweek competitions are available to play in so you can test yourself and hopefully win prizes too!

5. Members guests.

Another benefit to membership is as a full member you can introduce guests at a discounted rate. At any one time you can introduce up to 3 guests and they will pay a reduced green fee. So as a member not only is it you that benefits, your friends benefit too. You could be a hero amongst your friends if you could save them money on golf fees!

6. Clubhouse and Catering.

Aside from the golf at Grimsby we are fortunate to have superb caterers and bar staff. Our clubhouse is a very pleasant place to relax in after your round or to visit in the evening for a meal. The food is fantastic and the view from the lounge down the first fairway and 18th green on a nice summers evening is beautiful.

7. Networking benefits.

This is an area of golf club membership that is ignored massively. Would you like to get access to a whole new customer base? As a member you would be able to speak to and engage with hundreds of potential new customers. If you own your own business or work for a big organisation this membership fee could be paid off in double quick time if you get some new customers.

8. Reciprocal golf.

As a member of Grimsby you not only get the benefit of playing a wonderful course and having a great clubhouse and catering when you’ve finished. Grimsby Golf Club has reciprocal links with Kenwick Park (£20.00), Cleethorpes Golf Club (£15.50) and Ashby Decoy Golf Clubs (£12.50). This means you can visit these clubs and receive discounted fees.
9 Health benefits.

Golf doesn’t do a good enough job of promoting the health benefits of golfing. During an 18 hole round you will walk approximately 5 miles and burn around 2000 calories. This provides a great way to keep fit and healthy.

10. Friendship.

Last, but by no means least, are the friends you can make. We have had numerous golfers join the club without regular golfing partners and now they are playing regularly with groups of other members and enjoying their golf. We have senior sections, A & B league, ladies, juniors, early morning groups, Wednesday groups and countless more that new members could join in with. Golf has a great way of helping people meet new people and enjoy their leisure time.

We would love you to join Grimsby Golf Club so call now and speak to Mark on  01472 342 630

Memberships at Grimsby Golf Club


All membership categories include;
• CONGU Handicap
• Access to excellent practice facilities
• Full use of our delightful clubhouse, including discount bar card.
• Benefit from our reciprocal (from £12.50) green fee agreement with several local clubs.

Full Membership - £878
Unlimited golf, played at any time, subject to tee-booking. 
Access to club competitions, including trophies.
Access to Inter-club team matches.

Flexible Membership - £345 discounted green fee (£10 per 9 holes game / £18 per 18 holes game)
Access to limited selection of club competitions, for Pro-shop vouchers.

Twilight Membership - £405.
Unlimited golf played after 4pm (summer) and 12noon (winter). No access to club competitions.

Trial Membership - £100 - this is a 'once only' membership, limited to 6 rounds over a 30 day period to see if you "like and fit" the Grimsby Golf Club and would get value from another "higher" membership -
Open to golfers who can demonstrate their ability to access the golf course, safely and comfortably.  The availability of this membership is subject to the Professional and /or the Manager's assessment.
No access to club competitions.

Intermediate Membership
18 to 21 years  £200 
22 to 24 years £300
25 years £350
26 years £400
27 years £531
28 years £647 
29 years £762

Country Membership
For members who live in excess of 50 miles from Grimsby. The number of rounds allowable within this category is 15 per year.

Country Membership - Employment – (previously known as ‘Country’) this category was originally introduced specifically for those members who live locally (i.e. do not meet the 50 miles criteria) but have reduced playing opportunity due to unusual working patterns, predominantly working off-shore.
This will continue to be available to those whose primary residence does not meet the ‘Country’ definition but can demonstrate that they work away from Grimsby for a majority of their time.
£585 plus the standard affiliation fees for June the 1st 2022  until May 31st 2023.

Course Membership

Grimsby Golf Club welcomes new members whenever there are vacancies in our Membership Sections. Members enjoy regular competitions, and social events, with a very strong and active mixed golf section as well as the friendly foursomes and fourballs that our members indulge in every week.

The facilities of our Professional's shop, the challenge of the course and the welcoming atmosphere of the clubhouse awaits you as a member of our club. Membership fees reflect the first class facilities of our Club, whilst offering excellent value for money.

For more details please contact us through the Main Office on 
(01472) 342630

Aerial Video Tour of our Golf Course

See our fantastic golf course in our short promotional video

Click the image to see our golf course from aerial views taken during 2015.

Junior Golf Membership


Grimsby Golf Club is dedicated to the development of the sport in Grimsby. That’s why we’ve made it a great place for junior golfers to develop their love of golf. The professional team runs group golf tuition on a weekly basis.

Juniors aged 6 and upwards are able to attend our 'Young Master Golf Academy' which takes place on selected weekday evenings and weekend mornings. They develop the player in measured, incremental steps where they can really see personal progress. Please e-mail professional@grimsbygolfclub.co.uk for more details.

Junior golf membership is available free for children under 12 years. For full details call 01472 342 630 or e-mail manager@grimsbygolfclub.co.uk

Under 12 (participating in junior academy)£0.00
Under 12 (not participating in junior academy)£25.00
12 to 17 years of age£55.00
Male affiliation fee £16.00
Female affiliation fee£16.00
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